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Martial Arts Class
Students lining up in a dojo


We provide excellence in Martial Arts, health and wellbeing in East London, Stratford & Essex, Gants Hill & Goodmayes, Ilford. Contact us today if you have any questions.


Welcome to the POON DOJO - Martial Arts, Health & Wellbeing.

Providing authenticity and excellence in the teaching of:

Nei Chuan - a unique martial art combining Karate (styles of Shotokan, Goju Ryu & Koryu Uchinadi) and Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi for adults

Chi Kung (Qi Gong) for adults

POON DOJO has been serving the community for almost 30 Years within: Stratford - Chandos Centre, 93 Colegrave Road, E15 1DZ.

We have established a martial art, health & wellbeing school. Our headquarters are located in Stratford. Working closely with our POON DOJO Partnership (PDP) across the UK we have grown organically to build a strong relationship. We have become more than just a martial arts school, but a ‘Community and Partnership’ that prides itself on providing a professional and high standard of provision to our students, parents, carers and all that come to POON DOJO.


To enquire about our Martial arts classes, self defence, wellbeing and mindfulness workshops. As well as seminars, corporate workshops, courses & private tuition please contact or email us today. We look forward to you joining the POON DOJO Family! 


Take a look below to see what services we're able to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and we'll be happy to help.


Challenge yourself today with our martial arts classes. See here for more information


Want to improve your health and wellbeing? See how martial arts and Tai Chi can help.


Take a look to see how Tai Chi can help your health and rehabilitation. Contact us today for more information.

Sifu Ko & Sensei John Poon with PD Banner


Our Testimonials & Reviews below are updated regularly. Please note that some of the reviews & testimonials may not be added to other searches, i.e. Google Review due to the fact that Google require you to have a google account or email with them.

"Dear John, Doug and I cannot thank you enough for your Tai Chi lesson. We feel much better for doing the exercise and look forward to the class each week."

Review by Very Best Wishes Rita and Doug (Thursdays 1pm Age UK RBH)

“Hi Sensei John. We just like to say how we really enjoyed your tai chi sessions either in the park when we first started (August 2020) or even via zoom sessions. We feel that the sessions keep us fit physically and well balanced mentally too, especially during this trying time. We always look forward on Friday mornings to attend your classes."

Review by Linda Ting and Adrian Ling (Tai Chi Students)

"My daughter attends Poon Dojo and it’s the after school activity she enjoys the most. She’s learning how to focus while learning a new skill and becoming more flexible.

The set up is extremely professional. They are well organised and manage everything brilliantly. The best part is that they continue classes during the school holidays so the children can continue learning. I would recommend Poon Dojo to all parents!" Angela Shaw.

Review by Angela Shaw (Parent at Poon Dojo)

Poon Dojo sign

Dear Poon Dojo,


Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the students in your Karate Dojo and across the school in general.

The discipline, resilience and focus that this service brings to our children truly underpins and supports everything that we teach in the classroom and most importantly your practice consolidates the living of our school ethos.    


You are also such a great model of  professionalism, organisation, effectiveness and efficiency! We are inspired by your practice!


The awards which you have not yet handed out will be handed out on your behalf by Mr Hodges at the various ceremonies.


We are eternally grateful for all you do for the school.

Review by Angela Moore (Head Teacher at St. Anthony's Catholic School, Forest Gate)

This is a very special Dojo, led by experienced, skilled, wise, and compassionate founders, Ko and John Poon. My daughter is fortunate to be learning martial arts here using a holistic approach, that positively impacts her well-being, encourages resilience and connection with herself and others, in a meaningful and integrative way. My daughter has social anxiety and was Poon Dojo was recommended by her educational psychologist. I have seen such a boost in her emotional health and she is thriving physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Poon Dojo. (Jasmine - Parent at Poon Dojo)

Martial Arts Class


If you would like to get booked in for martial arts classes, contact our Stratford or Ilford Dojo's to get booked in. Email us on

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